The Significance of Eyebrows in Women's Lives


For thousands of years, women have carefully groomed their eyebrows. Research indicates that the shape of our eyebrows can define how others perceive us and significantly influence our emotional expressions.

In today's world, where appearance is more crucial than ever, especially with the rise of social media, many women dedicate considerable time and effort to achieving their desired eyebrow look.

Natural, unplucked eyebrows can have up to 1200 hair follicles, but this number can drop to around 200 with continuous shaping. Besides aesthetic concerns, factors such as diseases, medication treatments, and improper makeup can cause eyebrows to thin and lose their shape.

Having well-defined, attractive eyebrows is important for both women and men. In the past decade, micro FUE eyebrow transplantation has emerged as a popular aesthetic procedure, especially among women.


What is Eyebrow Transplantation?


Procedure and Benefits

Eyebrow transplantation involves enhancing the appearance of eyebrows that have thinned over time or shaping them more attractively. The micro FUE method has advanced rapidly over the past decade, making eyebrow transplantation a popular and effective solution.

This procedure gained further popularity due to celebrities like Meagan Good, who shared their experiences with micro FUE eyebrow transplantation on social media. As a result, it has become one of the most in-demand treatments in medical aesthetics.

Performed under local anesthesia, eyebrow transplantation involves minimal pain during the anesthesia application. Thin grafts from behind the ears are transplanted to the eyebrows using the micro FUE technique. This straightforward procedure takes a few hours and offers a more natural and lasting result than tattoo methods, provided proper aftercare is followed.


How is Eyebrow Transplantation Done?


Step-by-Step Process

The eyebrow transplant operation is similar to hair transplantation but takes less time (2-3 hours) due to the smaller number of grafts needed. It is performed under local anesthesia, applied twice to ensure minimal discomfort.

During the consultation, doctors discuss the patient’s expectations and determine the optimal eyebrow shape using a golden ratio caliper. Local anesthesia is applied to the eyebrow area, and the channels for graft placement are opened with the sapphire FUE method, ensuring precision and minimizing graft removal from the donor area.

The donor area hair is shaved, and grafts are extracted using the micro FUE method and transplanted into the prepared channels. After the procedure, patients receive care and treatment instructions before being discharged. A follow-up evaluation is scheduled for the second day. The adaptation period for the new eyebrows varies from 1-2 years.


Eyebrow Transplantation Prices


While eyebrow transplantation is a straightforward operation, it must be performed by experts due to the significant impact on facial aesthetics. Prices vary, with some clinics charging per graft and others offering package deals.

For detailed information on the eyebrow transplantation procedure at Este Istanbul Hair, including prices, contact our patient representatives by filling out our form.


Eligibility for Eyebrow Transplantation


Eyebrow transplantation can benefit anyone in need, including those with sparse eyebrows due to genetic factors or improper grooming, individuals experiencing eyebrow loss from diseases or treatments, and those with eyebrow defects from accidents. The procedure offers a permanent and natural solution.


Choosing the Best Eyebrow Transplantation Centers


When selecting a clinic, it is crucial to research the physician’s expertise and ask for a face to face or remote appointment. Proper direction of the follicles during transplantation is vital to avoid unnatural results. Choosing an experienced surgeon ensures the best outcome.


Eyebrow Transplantation at Este Istanbul Hair


Este ıstanbul Hair offers eyebrow transplantation without shaving the donor area, promising realistic and natural results. Our experienced team ensures precise direction and angle for each hair follicle, enhancing the patient's facial expression and appearance.


How Long Do Eyebrow Transplants Last?

At Este ıstanbul Hair, eyebrow transplants use your hair follicles, typically from the scalp. These transplanted hairs grow in their new location and, with proper care, can last a lifetime. They may retain some characteristics of scalp hair, necessitating periodic trimming to maintain the desired shape.

Este ıstanbul Hair’s expertise ensures the longevity and natural appearance of eyebrow transplants. Following post-procedure care instructions diligently is crucial for optimal results. With the right care, you can enjoy beautifully sculpted eyebrows for years, enhancing your facial features and boosting your confidence.