Who is Mediguide Istanbul?

Mediguide Istanbul is a medical tourism service provider collaborating with top surgeons and clinics in Turkey. Our main focus is to offer you a premium medical experience matching your needs and desires with the most capable hands. We propose your choice of treatment plan and many more such as the pre-visit consultation, airport pick-up, accomodation, post-op care and after care all the way till you return back home.

Why should I work with a service provider?

Being in a foreign country and figuring everything out by yourself is quite complicated. We take away your burden and show you the shortest way to your satisfaction by matching your needs and desires with the top doctors who can deliver them. The clinics are also happy to work with us because they save a lot of administration time and cost in the process.

Why should I choose Turkey for my procedure?

Turkey is among the top 5 health tourism leaders in the world. Turkish government is actively supporting medical tourism infrastructure. Medical facilities and technology have rare standards that you can't easiliy find on other locations. Medical education is one of the major successes in Turkey and has created a highly competent population of doctors, nurses and medical staff. Besides all these advantages, the cost of medical services have been kept low as much as 40-60% compared to other destinations in order to promote positive trend of medical tourism growth.

Why Should I choose Mediguide Istanbul?

Mediguide Istanbul differentiates its services mainly thanks to its premium approach and patient care. We are only working only with top qualified doctors and medical staff who has been uniquely chosen per their specilization of procedures. We commit to your satisfaction by continously checking our doctors' agenda and evenly distribute their schedule over dates to evade any risks of fatigue that may result in a poor performance. We accompany you from the moment you arrive at the airport and we are in communication with you for all your needs including transport in between procedures, translation and after care.

Do I need to pay for your services?

As a service provider, we don't charge our service to you but we do so in a way to our partner clinics by negotiating fairer tariffs for your procedures. In fact, these procedures generally cost more for direct patients.

Can I find less expensive clinics?

Yes... And no... Mediguide Istanbul puts forth your satisfaction as our outmost priority because it is thanks to you that we can extend our services to an increasing number of patients. We are well aware that this includes providing fair tariffs for our services as well and we use our reputation to do our best to lower expected costs for your operations. However, there is a limit that we can push because after a certain treshold, clinics may lower the quality of their services to match our expectations. We don't want that. In fact, we would like to provide a premium treatment plan for you using best equipment, medical materials and qualified doctors while also keeping the cost optimal for you. If you have worries about your budget, we recommend being patient and wait till you are comfortable to make the decision. Please be informed that we receive lots of patients for revision surgeries from all around the world and these patients tend to pay twice and sometimes triple compared to a standard procedure due to the fact that revision operations are always more complicated. We can't stress enough that your first surgery is the most important.

Do you share any guarantee with my procedure?

Like on other locations, clinics sign a waiver showing your consensus before proceeding with a surgery. This waiver renders the clinic off their legal liability meaning that they won't share any guarantee for your procedure, that is why we can't neither. On the other hand, we constantly keep our way of working with clinics in check and ensure that everyone on board tries their best to fullfill your needs and expactations. Mediguide Istanbul has a high reputation in medical services and is respected well by our partners. You can be sure that we will work together for the best outcome for you and you will be having more initiative through us.

If I have a problem after leaving Turkey?

Just call us! We will put you in contact with your doctor or any other specialist who can answer your concerns and provide a remote assistance.